Church Building Project Information - Updated September 2016

Many of you are wondering "When will we start building our church?" As all building projects go (especially in Hawaii) certain aspects take time. The following are some of the issues that are holding-up our project:

  • Funding (grants, etc.)
  • Utilities infrastructure (currently none in place) - This is key to beginning construction, but hinges on the next item:
  • Water main easement rights that are retained by the County across the gulch side of our property. These easement rights pertains to access for maintenance of the County’s 36” water main that runs the stretch of gulch, but within our property lines.  The Water Department has confirmed that the water feed in question is the main water line supplying water to the entire South side of Maui (Kihei through Makena). Any excavation near this 80-year-old pipe could cause it to rupture. No decision has been made on how this issue is to be managed.
  • Catch basin construction - cannot begin until the previous issue is decided.

Many Thanks...
To those who have helped with various aspects of this project.  To name just a few: Ken, Mary, Koloke, Koji, Masumi, John, Siasosi, Allan, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Myrna, friends and visitors, and many others who have helped not only physically, but monitarily and with prayers.  Please keep this precious project in your prayers.


  • Did you know that over 30 truckloads of debris have been removed from the site? The property is almost cleared of years of debris accumulation.
The Groundbreaking


Want to see LARGER photos of the building site and plans? Check out our Building Project Photo Album shown at the bottom of the left-side column on this page.