About Our Church


The Kihei SDA Church is made up of dedicated pastoral staff and church members that bring a unique Maui perspective to the faith. We are all dedicated to sharing God's word, growing our faith, reaching out to the community, and welcoming visitors to experience worship with us.

Koji Nishikawa, our pastor, was born in Japan. In addition to the Kihei Church, Pastor Koji also leads our sister church in Lahaina. He brings a world of experience to both churches and his enthusiasm and dedication to spreading the word.  



Head Elder is Dan Standard. Dan has had a lifelong dedication to the faith reflected in the energy he brings to the church. He can't help if a "Little Cajun" flavoring comes across in his messages. Dan grew up in rural Louisiana. Koloke (Dorothy) Standard, Dan's wife, is also an elder in the church as well as treasurer and music director. While Dan has a touch of the South, Koloke is pure Maui and the harmonies of the island are reflected in the music she shares with the church. 


Danny Palakiko is an elder as well. He brings a unique gift to the church: a passion for Christ that reflects his own personal journey in dealing with all of the challenges we all face as believers. And an ability to share that passion through his messages.  Danny, his wife Jamie and the Palakiko children bring the true spirit of aloha to the church.

All of the church members who support the week-to-week activities of the church bring the same energy, commitment and passion to growing the church our pastoral staff reflects. Come. Be a member of our Kihei SDA ohana.


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